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KENZIE - Trainer

Kenzie is a lifelong animal lover and advocate and a dog enthusiast. Certified by Off Leash K9 and the Animal Behavioral College, not only has she received professional instruction, but her early years were spent preparing for what would eventually become her career by spending hours watching shows such as Pitbulls and Parolees and Animal Precinct. Her love for animals has led her to volunteer at shelters, adopt multiple dogs off of the streets of Corpus, and even foster a few.

Her favorite parts of the job are helping combat misinformation about fearful and aggressive dogs. As well as helping puppies get the right start in life to help avoid becoming fearful or reactive by teaching owners about desentization and how to create the positive experiences that puppies need in that first developmental period. She’s ready to help you and your pup learn to communicate so you both can live your best!

Trainer Kenzie

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