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Meet The Off Leash K9 Team

Andy Marshall - Owner

Andy Marshall is an Infantry Marine Veteran who has worked with animals his whole life. From training and hunting with red-tailed hawks, to following his passion with dog training. His specialty is severe aggression and behavioral cases. His favorite part is to see the transformation of the dogs during training and to show the owners a new foundation of obedience to handle their dog, while making a happier and healthier life together.

Andy’s goal as an owner is to have a life changing impact on each client and dog that gets trained with Off Leash K9 in the community. He makes sure he will better the lifestyle with you and your dog to be non stressful and part of the family. Andy says,”When you work with Off Leash K9, we become your trainers for life. I have made sure I have the best team to guarantee a high level of training. and ensure that each trainer has just as much passion about Dogs as I have.” Thank you Corpus Christi for your support and we look forward to working with you!

Andy Marshall Owner

Chris Munguia - Trainer

Chris Munguia is a Corpus Christi native that comes from a long line of animal lovers and professionals. His love and passion for animals stems back to early childhood when he would help out with his family’s two pet businesses. Out of all the animals Chris has cared for and experienced, dogs stuck out to him the most. He especially loves working with large and bully breed dogs and has owned and cared for many including Bulldogs,Mastiffs,American Pitbull Terriers ,English bull terriers, and Stafford Shire Terriers. Chris is fully dedicated to helping dogs and their owners live a happy; stress free life while educating people on canine behavior and habits.
Chris Munguia

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